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Sustainably Grown Produce in the
Heart of Billings


Midtown Market Garden started with a dream to bring local, quality produce to the Billings community.

Through the gracious leasing of land from Mayflower Church on the corner of Poly & Rehberg, our little family is chasing a dream of urban farming to bring delicious, nutrient-dense food to our community at an affordable price.  We are learning what it means to tend the land and enjoy a harvest. Thanks for following along as we make mistakes, develop character, and grow the best way we know how. 

WE BELIEVE the small things MATTER.

Our hope is that our neighbors have access to affordable, quality produce that nourishes the body & tastes delicious. We also seek to add beauty to our community be incorporating flowers into our garden and into our weekly Fresh Pick Packs.

We believe that A LOT of small-scale farms doing things well can transform the way we farm, eat & live. 


Midtown Market Garden utilizes no-till, chemical-free practices. Our goal is to leave the land better off than it was the day we started. We sow & harvest by hand and operate with a minimal waste mentality. We fertilize the soil using local, organic compost and natural nutrient broth derived from the fermentation of a variety of local food scraps collected from households and businesses in the Billings and Red Lodge areas. We sell products that we feel good about feeding to our children and that we believe will bring joy to your kitchen and table.

Local people we love:

These people have made Midtown Market Garden possible and all share in our love for the Billings community & taking care of our beautiful earth. 
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